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Important Konformance User Information

Apple are releasing their latest version of iOS v11 this week (w/c 11th September 2017) and you will need to use the upgraded version of Konformance in order for it to work on Apple devices running iOS v11.

We expect this iOS update to happen sometime after the date of Apple’s annual event, which is today, the 12th September. We have already uploaded the Konformance 64-bit application to the App Store.

It’s important that you note the following:

  • In this new version of Konformance, we will no longer support pre-iOS 8 devices.
  • As part of Apple’s iOS 11 update, they will no longer support 32-bit applications – and no longer allow 32-bit apps on the App Store. This means existing 32-bit apps will no longer receive any updates.
  • It is also expected that Apple will update their list of devices that they will no longer support – it is expected that all 32-bit devices will be added to this.
  • If/when you upgrade your Apple device to iOS v11, please go to the App Store and download the new version of Konformance.

    If you have any questions relating to this upgrade, please email support@konformance.com and we will respond accordingly.

    Thank you.